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Indian Political Management Services (I-PMS) is the platform of choice for students and young professionals to participate in and make a meaningful contribution to political affairs and governance of the country, without necessarily being part of a political party.

I-PMS is working in the election management process from 2002 and have worked hard our teams is well equipped with the election process and is keen to work with latest technology and tools.

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Strategies beyond Ordinary

Our team of professionals has a huge professional experience in law, politics, and business. We will provide you with the right information and advise on problems you may encounter

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Campaign Strategy

We promise to:

  • Remain impartial and independent - technology is neutral and so are we.
  • Harness the full power of technology - to deliver reliable and accurate results, minimizing the possibility of human error.
  • Maintain the highest standards of transparency - our success depends on the trust of citizens worldwide. That's why we will keep inviting the public to audit and scrutinize our technology throughout the entire cycle of an election.
  • Provide the best products and services - we will remain the world leader in research and development. We will continue innovating to deliver the best products at the best prices.

Our Campaigns

  • Punjab Congress Express

    Around 40 Congress party leaders covered the length and breadth of Punjab, travelling in 13 specially designed minibuses for campaigning in every parliamentary constituency of the state. The campaign went on for 32 days and reached over 11 lakh people. As part of the campaign, the party leaders organized nukkad meetings to establish direct contact with people. The Punjab Congress Express was also used to communicate about other campaigns and schemes of the party directly to the people.


    A political start-up program by making a walkway platform for the leader to get connect with the people of the city by making an announcement that he is contesting the upcoming election to start with a Rally or with a press meet along with 100 -200 supporters and important people of the society. (Audience and with workers or leaders of state from different districts with equal approach a common minimum program for leaders to take it further to the people of their district block or village or town level. To start basic minimum programs people-friendly and get in touch with the people by replying their questions or concerns.)

  • I VOTE

    Campaign for the 1st time voters across the country with oath to vote for nation. A Campaigning for the youth leaders to involve 1st time voter along with there team or party cadre or to influence them to vote for the right person and right cause and better issues for there better future.


    Awareness program for the citizens and its chapter in Mohalla, ward, Sub Zone, Block, Vidhan Sabha. To begin with, candidate profile and image makeover Party Leaders and Candidates and Zone In charge.


    Campaign Launch program with Audio, Video Vans. And Hand Bills.


    A youth program Door to Door Campaign with leaders and his team round the clock with the poster and T Shirts of the leaders with stickers. For maximum footfall at each mohala to strengthen the Page InchrgePanaParmukh program for better vote conversion. These kinds of many campaigns were designed by the I-PMS experts. And we are continue to design as per demand of the individuals as well as for the parties for better connection with the voters and supporters.


    These foot soldiers were local people who were hired by our promotional team with the idea to carry forward candidate’s message in each every street to influence people of constituency that our candidates is the right choice for the them. We appoint at least 25 foot soldier’s who travel day in and day out to convey the message of candidate to the voter's.


    This program is designed for leader from a destination for covering most of the area of constituency along with youth with a social political message to create a wave for the candidate.


    This program is designed along with the youth and sports man for creating sports and eco friendly message to involve maximum no of people of the constituency.


    Motivation program with a strong message of the party or candidate against the opponents taking own agenda to cover maximum distance a political introductory awareness program


Whom We Served

Parties we are worked for are BJP, Congress, SAD, BSP, SP, Aam Admi, Inelo and Independent.

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