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Understanding your life requirements is very important and if you have someone to show you a right path, means you are blessed. Taking an advice from a specialist is always considered as a wise decision while achieving your goals. It becomes very important when it is a matter of your health, body and fitness. In recent years same awareness has actually invited many professionals who are now contributing by managing and delivering services through their professional knowledge and guidance. Nutrition is a key to healthy life. Everything from new age speciality diet to super foods and super nutrients may be good for someone but that should not be the reason to give up on ancestral wisdom. The daily diet principles one has been following since childhood determines long-term haleness and it is a true message by all parents to their children even today... Know More

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  • I had a great time following the diet. Home-cooked meals with readily available ingredients. Careena was hands on. She made sure I was eating right and on time. In a small amount of time, I’ve seen a considerable change.
    Gungeet - Ukraine, Europe

  • K.O.D team focuses on a life changing process and not just the diet. I lost 3 kgs and learnt a lot about nutrition and how it affects me. I had the realization that I can change and be motivated to be the person. I am always concerned when it comes to nutrition and at the same time how it is related to my personality. The process is deeper and they have helped to me in many ways in my life.
    Geetanjali - Himachal Pradesh, India

  • I had a very satisfying experience by following the chart made by an expert Careena K Singh. It helped me tremendously to accommodate a healthy lifestyle. More so, it helped me gain insight into what I was eating and how diets are not simply about cutting foods but rather developing moderated and balanced meals. I thoroughly enjoyed her guidance and support at every step of the way.
    Mina Paul, Bombay, India

  • I had the pleasure of knowing Careena not only as a beautiful young lady but also as a thorough professional Nutritionist. Her personal sessions with me regarding my diet restrictions have been so well conducted, communicative and to top it all, always reverting on time. The diet counselling has always been relevant and in consideration to the present day lifestyle. I highly recommend her and wish her success in all her endeavours.
    Ravinder-Sabarwal - Chandigarh, India

  • I developed GERD symptoms and was feeling the necessity of dietitian to plan my diet schedule and tone up my digestive system. With chance association with young, energetic and responsive Expert Careena K Singh, I now feel totally relieved with her diet schedule and constant counseling. Hope her experience and knowledge along with dedication would help to create health hygiene in the society.
    Neelu-Sodhi, Mohali, India

  • My association with KOD has paved my way to an everlasting healthy lifestyle. I stop and think before I eat as I have now understood the meaning of good eating habits. They are a team of thorough and experienced professionals and I highly recommend them.
    S.P. Singh – Denver, U.S.A

  • Getting engaged with Kingdom was a wonderful experience. Understanding client requirement with freedom of opinion and working jointly is their powerful forte. Get going!!
    Jason – Melbourne, Australia

  • I am very impressed with the combination of three-in-one concept that kept my entire journey very happening. For me it was an impressive change of lifestyle.
    Patricia - London, UK

  • I was very naïve where food and cooking was concerned. I am highly grateful to food creativity team who taught me not only healthy cooking but also appealing presentation for eye satisfaction.
    Mychelle – Sydney, Australi

  • I was feeling very low and had lost my appetite for certain personal reasons. I took specialized counselling along with effective diet plans and found both to be very effective, which helped me recoverfaster from my ailment.
    Richa- New Delhi, India

  • A very good guide for my diet plan, I enjoyed my plan period with her to the fullest and now we are good friends. I strongly recommend Careena if you want to see a positive change in yourself.
    Rozy - Amritsar, India

  • My parents live in India and I live in Canada. Ever since I have engaged KOD with “Special Care Plan”for my parents, I have seen a massive improvement in their physical and mental health. They started liking and enjoying the food they eat now and are very satisfied and happy with the care and support given to them by the affectionate team. I am forever grateful to them for providing a sense of security to my parents and food entertainment.
    Bobby - Vancouver, Canada

  • The diet plan given by Nutritionist was really amazing. I was suffering from severe acidity for many monthsbefore taking KOD plan.However, it was with team’s diligent efforts that cured my condition fully. Now I am able to take right decisions not only about my food or what I eat or its choices but also how to lead a healthy life in future.
    Dimpy- New Delhi, India

  • I was suffering from Hypothyroidism for quite a while andIt was Nutritionist Careena and her team’s cooperation and effective meal planning that made my condition much better. To top it all, I even lost 4 kgs within a month. Cheers to the whole team!! I would highly recommend them.
    Sharon - Hyderabad, India

  • It was the diet planned by Nutritionist Careena and the effective counselling done by her team athat helped me lose 2.5 kgsin just 10 days. I was suffering from weight issues for quite a while now and would often take wrong food choices when it came to eating. Joining the team at KOD not only taught me how to manage my weight but also the importance of makingright food.
    Jaswinder- Ludhiana, India

  • Diabetes is always scary when you come to know about it. My immediate consultancy and on fast track takeover by Nutritionist Careena and her team not only helped me cure my condition through effective meal plans but reversed by blood sugar levels to normals. I am very thankful to them for not putting me on pills.
    Arshita - Bangalore,India

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