Studying in Canada: Choosing a school, college or university

There are many different types of schools and institutions in Canada.

Post-secondary institutions (universities, colleges, vocational schools, CEGEPs)

Post-secondary schools include colleges, universities and vocational schools. Each post-secondary school has its own set of rules on how to apply, and decides what level of English or French you will need to be accepted.

Important: Each province and territory in Canada is responsible for designating schools at the post-secondary level that may enroll international students. The designated learning institution list includes universities, colleges, CEGEPs, vocational schools, private career colleges and language schools. If you want to apply for a study permit, you need a letter of acceptance from an institution that is designated for international students.

Come to Canada to study. Stay to live, work and explore.

How to apply to a school, college or university

Once you decide about Course and College you want to study, you will then need to apply to that school, college or university. Every school has different rules on how to apply.

Make sure you apply early for your course of study. Apply at least 4 months in advance from the date of start of studies.

You can apply to the college/ universities where you want to study through the links below. You can get the information and submit it for pre-assessment for your eligibility. Once the pre-assessment is done, you will get an email confirmation for submission of the application fee through a registered application processing center. we will also let you know

  • The course description
  • Tuition fees;
  • Health insurance;
  • Rent and how much it will cost to live in Canada;

If the school admits you as a student, they will send you a letter of acceptance. You need a letter of acceptance in order to apply for a Study Permit/ Visa.

Health insurance

Every student has to get Health insurance. its the duty of the school, college or university to ensure that student is covered with health insurance. Health coverage for foreign students varies between provinces. Contact the school at which you are applying to receive more information about medical coverage and health insurance costs.

List Of DLI Colleges In Canada – Student visa Under SDS

Name of institution (DLI#) City Province Campuses PGWP
Eligible Prog.
ABM College of Business and Technology O242632228347 Calgary,
Calgary No Apply Now
Absolute Aviation O134231224842 Wetaskiwin,
Wetaskiwin Yes Apply Now
Academy of Learning Calgary O19273743562 Calgary,
Calgary South, Calgary North East No Apply Now
Academy of Learning Edmonton O19273755422 Edmonton,
Edmonton Down Town, West Edmonton Mall No Apply Now
Academy of Learning Edmonton South O19273765312 Edmonton,
Edmonton South No Apply Now

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